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21. Brother, don't stay


Image of 21. Brother, don't stay

Available in A1 (h594 x w841 mm) & A2 (h420 x w594 mm) sizing.

Printed on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl.

'Brother, don't stay'

We lingered in each other’s presence, To build the formative moments in our
We indulged in the worst of life's offerings,
Together we swam though angst and torment,
We sat on park benches and poisoned our bodies to numb the pain,
We fought our foes and left our inner wounds bare,
We stood for what was ours, whatever the cost,
But we grew differently brother,
I grew for the school of hard times, You stayed there, wishing for better days,
I made meaningful relationships,
You folded on them and they folded on you,
I still loved you in amongst the cruel game we played,
Two legends left the stories for the next generations to bare,
The stories of pride amongst the eyes that looked down on us,
They called us scum, but feared us all the more,
But times should change my brother,
We learnt to be tough,
Even though we were the nothings of the world,
You are still here and you are still capable,
You struggle and I struggle too,
Lets struggle together,
And live for those we lost.