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2. A new forever


Image of 2. A new forever

Available in A1 (h594 x w841 mm) & A2 (h420 x w594 mm) sizing.

Printed on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl.

'A new forever'

My sister and I wait to unearth what would change our lives evermore,
"You fucking faggot, get out of my house" My dad's eyes welled up as he gazed upon us,
"I'm leaving your mother for a man... A man named Mark"
Mum threw a vase across the room, Shattering on the living room wall, Symbolic of what our lives were to become, "Get the fuck out of my house, you fucking poof"
Dad unsuccessfully attempts to bring reason to the situation,
"Come on’, Rena, not in front of the kids. Please"
Mum snaps back "You piece of fucking shit, get the fuck out"
Head hung low, Dad walks out the door, Mum directs her anger towards my sister and I,
"See look, your faggot father has left you
for a man, the fucking poofter”
My sister and I sit sobbing on the couch, bewildered, frightened,
It all happened so fast and so did everything else.
The start of a new forever.